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195 SB Engine Lubricant Agricultural (wos) Mainlube

Engine Lubricant-Agricultural. Universal tractor lubricant. Recommended for naturally aspirated, turbo, diesel and petrol 4 stroke engines, transmissions, diffs, final drives, hydraulics, wet brakes, PTO Clutches and industrial gear applications. Available in SAE 15w40. MIL-L-2104E & MIL-L-46152C.

Meets and Exceeds API Specs CD & CD, SJ SH SG & Class GL4.

Drain Interval: Under ideal conditions Mainlube 195 has been tested to provide a; 40,000km/400 hour/12 month oil change.


Detergents and Dispersants

Agricultural machinery is often operated at constant revs for long periods of time, these operating conditions tend to form sludging deposits. 195’s Detergent and dispersant additives minimise the development of sludging deposits controlling ring sticking, oxidation and corrosion formation.

Prevention of Bore Polishing

195 Minimises top ring land deposits so carbonaceous build up on piston tops is prevented. Piston top deposits are extremely abrasive and cause bore polishing leading to high oil consumption and eventual engine failures.

E.P. Anti Wear Additives.

When high load service conditions are experienced specialised E.P. anti wear additives ensure effective lubrication in engines, transmissions, axles and hydraulics. 195’s Additives supply long term protection preventing downtime.

Power Take off Protection

195 Extends the life of power take off clutch packs and provides fast stall times preventing clutch burning when PTO driven implements hit objects in the field. Prevention of Brake Chatter

195’s friction control additives ensures correct operation from wet brakes

suppressing brake chatter without decreasing braking ability.

Seal Life

Mainlube 195’s formulation will not damage the composition of seals, gaskets or wet brake linings.

Filter Plugging

Mainlube 195 ensures good filterability preventing filter plugging. This can occur when ordinary oils are operated in damp conditions, filter plugging causes oil starvation and can damage hydraulic oil pumps.

Mainlube 195's universal lubrication and Power Transfer characteristics makes it possible for the operator to handle one lubricant for:

Engines: Gasoline or diesel , normally aspirated, stationary, turbo and supercharged engines.

Gearboxes: Manual and powershift (automatic).

Gear transmissions: Including those fitted with wet brakes

and power take-off hydraulic systems.


Mainlube 195 offer's superior protection against wear, tear, gum deposits, and carbon formation.


Mainlube 195 reduces oxidation with its anti-oxidants and corrosion-resistant additives.

Military Specs

Mainlube 195 meets or exceeds U.S. Military Specifications MIL-L-46152, MIL-L-2104D, , as well as the major tractor manufacturers requirements; transmission, wet-brake and power take-off specifications.

Mainlube 195 is recommended or Meets and Exceeds the Following OEM's

Zetor Yanmar Ursus Universal

Lely-Iseki Kubota IMT Belarus Erbo Eicher Hurliman Landini

Schluter Fiat Fendt Same MWM Engines Perkins Engines Daimler Benz Engines

Steyr Daimler Puch Volvo BM Valmet. K H Deutz.

John Deere J14B, 303 Fluid, Hy Gard.

International Harvester. Case International / J I Case MS 1206 & MS 1207.

Allis Chalmers. ZF Tractor Front Axels ( TE ML 05 )

Caterpillar TO-2. ZF Transmissions ( TE ML 06 )

Sunstrand Hydraulics. Proclain Hydraulics.


Sperry Vickers Hydraulics Mercedes Benz Trac and Unimog. Massey-Ferguson M1127, M1129, M1129A, M1135, M1110.

Ford M2C 159A, M2C 159B, M2C 86A, M2C 134B/C, M2C 121B, M2C 41B, M2C 48B.

White Q-1722 Fluid, UHTF, Type 55.

Oliver Universal Hydraulic Trans. Allison C4 (Power Shift Transmissions).

Allis-Chalmers Power Fluid. Case International/ J.I. Case Fluid, MS 206 & MS 1207. Minneapolis-Moline Universal Hydraulic Trans Fluid.

Meets the Hydraulic Oil Specifications of Hydraulic Pump Manufacturers.

Steiger (Hydraulic Systems of Hy Trans or Hy Gard. Versatile (HS and Trans). White Universal Hydraulic Trans Fluid (part Nos. 30-311-6360




Hypoid Gear Performance MIL-L-2105 API Service Class GL4

and API CD, SJ, SH, SG specs.

Mainlube 195 is suitable for applications like:

Cars, trucks, lawn mowers, stationary motors , go-karts, tractors, motor bikes off road and on road, industrial gear boxes, stationary gear boxes, variable speed gear boxes.


Drain interval

Mainlube 195 has been tested to provide a 40,000 Kms, 400 hour or 12 month Oil Change.

Note: Take Care when estimating off road kilometres as actual work performed can be difficult to ascertain. Recording hours of running could be a more accurate method.