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Mainlube Superior Maintenance Lubricants

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Mainlube 175 Synthetic Race Oil SAE 10w60 (Chev Engine & Ford 6 & V8)

Service Bulletin

Mainlube 190 Parriffin Race Oil SAE 50 (Holden Engine)

Service Bulletin

Universal Engine Oil Additive

Mainlube 250 Engine Oil Additive

Service Bulletin


Manual; Mainlube 154 75w90 Synthetic Solid Boundary E P Gear Oil

Service Bulletin

Automatic: Dexron III, Dexron VI, Ford.


Manual; Mainlube 154 75w140 Synthetic Solid Boundary E P Gear Oil.

(For all Diffs)

Service Bulletin

Flushing the Motor, Gearbox&Diff

Mainlube 245Engine,Gearbox & Diff Flushing Oil

Service Bulletin

Mainlube 245aEngine,Gearbox & Diff Flushing Additive

Service Bulletin

Upper Cylinder

Mainlube 255 Injector Cleaner & Valve Lubricant

(mixing ratio 1000 to 1) (doses 1000 litres))

Service Bulletin

Wheel Bearings and Chassis

Mainlube 340 Multi Application Heavy Duty Grease

Service Bulletin