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113 MSDS Food Grade Synthetic High Performance Lubricant (wos) Mainlube

Extended Life

Mainlube 113’s food grade SHC (Synthetic hydrocarbon) base oil blended with specialised antioxidation additives greatly extends oil change intervals by controlling oxidation. Uncontrolled oxidation can dramatically shorten the life of ordinary lubricants.. Oxidation inhibitors prevent deposits from high temperature and long service.

Compatible with Seals and Gaskets

113 Is completely compatible with ordinary oil seals and gaskets no special precautions need to be taken.

Approved Food Lubricant

Mainlube 113's unique blend of PAO (Polyalphaolefin) synthetic base oil, ashless mild E.P additives, corrosion, oxidation, rust and dispersant inhibitors, are all designed and approved for use where food products are processed and packed. Mainlube 113 is able to be used in areas where incidental food contact may occur minimising any chance of end product contamination.

Heat and Cold Resistance

Mainlube 113 can be used over a wide temperature range, -50°C up to 150°C. Ordinary mineral oils are unable to hold up over this temperature range.

This makes 113 ideal for the following applications:

Ultra Low Refrigeration; 113 has no wax content and low solubility. It has excellent flow characteristics with chemical stability in freon and ammonia refrigerants.

Hydraulic Systems Stationary or Mobile; where sustained operation in extremely cold environments is necessary, eg. cold chambers, freezer storage areas and ski resort type applications, Mainlube 113 ISO 46 is pumpable down to -50°C.

High Pressure Compressors; where temperatures are high and compressors highly stressed, conventional oils tend to form carbon deposits. Mainlube 113 resists this tendency.

Wear Prevention

Mild E.P. anti-scuff additives minimise wear and ensure a lubrication film is maintained in hard working equipment. 113’s Food grade additives will give anti-wear qualities superior to normal premium mineral gear and hydraulic oils.

Good Filterability

Mainlube 113 ashless detergents prevent deposits from moisture due to hydrolytic instability. This prevents deposits protecting against filter plugging, in hydraulics this will rapidly damage pumps due to oil starvation.

Food Processing Areas.

Approved lubricant for use in areas where food is processed for human consumption. Mainlube 113 lubricant also shows outstanding results in the following non food applications Hydraulic Systems Chains Rotary Vane Compressors

Airlines Gear Boxes Rotary Screw Compressors

Bearings Piston Compressors Air & Refrigeration Compressors

Note: Maximum recommended oil change using 113 in Rotary Screw Compressors is 10,000 Hours or 18 months, Mainlube recommends filter change & oil analysis every 2,000 hours to check oxidation.


SAE 15 ( ISO 46 ) For screw, piston or vane compressors, light gears, chains, vacuum pumps, drip, hydraulic, air line and spray applications.

SAE 20 ( ISO 68 ) For screw, piston or vane compressors, light gears, chains, vacuum pumps, drip and hydraulic applications.

SAE 30 ( ISO 100 ) For screw, piston or vane compressors, light gears, chains, vacuum pumps, drip and hydraulic applications.