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110 SB Food and Pharmaceutical Lubricant (wos) Mainlube

Designed for Food Establishments.

Mainlube 110 is an approved food lubricant specialised for use in factories where food processing for human or animal consumption (pet food) takes place. 110 Is designed for use in specialised applications where incidental lubricant contact with edible products or packaging materials could occur. Mainlube 110’s formulation meets the criteria set out in the US code of Food and Drug Federal Regulations Title 21 part 178.3570. The components of 110 are of such a high quality that maintenance free performance can also be obtained in non food applications minimising inventory.

Long Life Products

110’s Food quality oxidation inhibitors reduce damage to 110 from high heat applications extending lubricant service life. High temperatures can oxidise and thicken ordinary lubricants forming hard insoluble carbon deposits and acids.

Wear Minimised

110’s Food rated E.P. anti-wear additives reduce friction and minimising wear extending machinery life.

Suitable For all Types of Gear Box Applications

Mainlube 110’s E.P. additives will not damage copper, bronze or their alloys. 110's wide viscosity range means grades are available for all gear box applications.

Corrosion Inhibiting Additives

The anti-corrosion additives used in 110 prevent corrosion damage to valuable processing plants and subsequent contamination from metal corrosion by-products.

Tackifiers Incorporated

Tackifiers keep 110 on the application preventing food contact and lubricant wastage. This feature is important for food establishments operating chains, rails, conveyers or track systems as these are difficult lubricant retention areas.

Water Resistant

Rapid water separation is essential in hydraulics where oil water, emulsions can block filters causing oil starvation damaging valuable hydraulic pumps. 110’s Excellent hydrolytic stability ensures good water separation preventing filter blocking emulsions and subsequent damage to Hydraulic Pumps.

Mainlube 110 is made from ultra high purity Paraffin base stock. All 110’s anti-foam, anti-wear, oxidation, bactericide and corrosion inhibiting additives are U.S.D.A. and FDA approved.

SB110-1 ABAC

Mainlube 110 is suitable for areas where pharmaceutical, food or non-food grade lubricants are specified, ares like;

Compressors Chains Pumps Conveyors

Vacuum Pumps Hydraulic Systems Rollers Tracks Rails Plain Bearings Hydraulics Pneumatics

Chains Guides Drives Slides

Gear Drives Splash and Circulated Anti-Frictional Bearings Vane, Reciprocating and Screw Compressors

110 Is Suitable For The Following Applications.

Hospitals Food Processing Plants Abattoirs Bottling Industries Canneries Pharmaceutical Companies Bakeries Cosmetic Manufacturing Research Laboratories.

Mainlube 110 food oil range is designed for use on food processing equipment as protective anti rust films, as a release agent on gaskets or seals for tank closures and for lubricating parts of machines where there could be incidental contact from the lubricant with edible products or packaging materials.

Note Some Applications Could Require Caution.

Some applications may not be able to hold a full incidental contact with edible product, Type A AQIS Australia, C15 MAF NZ, H1 USDA USA rating. Any applications where is possible for 110 to be contaminated enough to jeopardise it’s ultra high purity would assume the Type B AQIS Australia, C11 MAF NZ, H2 USDA USA rating. If contact occurs under contaminated conditions it is the responsibility of the plant operator to consult with the regularity authority concerned, (MAF, AQIS, USDA.), to check edible product quality It is also the responsibility of the plant operator to ensure that the amount of lubricant used is the minimum required to accomplish the desired technical effect in food areas.

Mainlube 110 is classified

Type A AQIS Australia C15 MAF NZ H1 USDA USA When applied to applications where there is no possibility of cross

Contamination with non food grade work place contaminants,

Eg: wear metals, normal lubricants, rust, non sanitary conditions, etc.


Mineral Base Oil for Sae 10 (ISO 32), Sae 20 (ISO 68), Sae 30 (ISO 100),

and Sae 140 (ISO 460).

Synthetic Base Oil for Sae 90, ISO 220.