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SB Primer Paint Mainlube

Primer Paint. Water based rust killing primer. Excellent coverage and corrosion protection. Can be welded through without loss of strength in the weld zone. Fast drying non toxic when cured and suitable for all materials.


Heavy Duty Primer Coating

Mainlube 500’s broad spectrum of protective properties makes it extremely suitable for maintenance applications.

Fully Weldable Coating

Steel coated with Mainlube 500 prior to fabrication can be assembled and welded. Ordinary paints and primers prevent this by tending to flake and migrate into the weld deposit during welding. This can cause the weld to crack and fail. Mainlube 500’s paint film can be welded through both by gas and electric welding equipment without any loss of strength in the weld area speeding up job completion.

Reduced Inventory Universal Application

Mainlube 500 can be applied over other paints in sound condition. It will not lift enamels or other commonly used paints. After 24 hours curing time, Mainlube 500 will accept epoxies, vinyl, chlorinated rubbers, lacquers and even coal tars. 500 Is suitable for all types of materials eg; wood, steel, concrete, any surface that will accept paint.

Provides Built In Toughness

Mainlube 500 contains a unique polyvinyl structure, this dries to a tough, strong and abrasion resistant film providing high strength, good elasticity and excellent temperature resistance. 500 Will withstand temperatures up to 260°C.

Special Ability To Neutralise Rust, No Sandblasting

Mainlube 500 contains special elements which impregnate and chemically converts harmful rust into an iron phosphate complex. Once converted, it forms a rust inhibitive protective layer that positively prevents rust creep, bleed through and under-rusting. This conversion and neutralisation of the rust enables Mainlube 500’s super tough pigment to alloy deep into the surface being coated. When using ordinary paints, rusted surfaces must be sand blasted prior to painting to prevent almost immediate “ bleed through” of rust.

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Mainlube 500 is an ideal primer for sea air atmospheres and most Industrial acid-bearing atmospheres.

Unique Hydroscopic Action

Maintenance paint applications can break down because the surface being painted is moist from rain, humidity and/or condensation. Ordinary paints cannot displace the moisture that is present on some surfaces and therefore only covers the moisture in the pores and surfaces of the material. This entrapped moisture causes a void between the paint and the surface resulting in adhesion failure. Mainlube 500 has a built in hydroscopic action due to its avid affinity for water. It can be applied directly over a wet surface with absolutely no danger of failure. Mainlube 500 absorbs moisture and then expels it in a simular manner to the human body perspiring.

Fast Drying Qualities

Mainlube 500 dries to handle in 20 minutes.

Unparalleled Safety

Mainlube 500 is a solvent free coating and thus there are no solvent fumes. You can paint in confined space such as inside tanks without the usual discomfort and danger of noxious fumes of ordinary primer paints. Mainlube 500 once fully dry is non-toxic enabling it’s use as a primer in areas with potable drinking water or edible substances.

No Costly Thinners Required

Mainlube 500 may be thinned with ordinary water. Brushes and equipment require only plain water for cleaning-up operations.

Important Notes: Before painting ensure paint is thoroughly stirred before use, stir for 8-10 minutes. Mainlube 500 is an undercoat, and for optimum results should always be covered with a finish top coat.

  1. Surface Preparation

    1. New work surfaces to be painted should be clean and completely free of oil and grease, remember, 500 is water based and will not adhere to grease or oil. Power wire brushing and/or chemical pre- treatment could be instituted to ensure adhesion where mill scale, mild rust scale, loose rust etc may prevent 500 from anchoring to base metal.

    2. Old work, remove loose paint and spot prime all areas as for new work above.

  2. Thinning

    For spray work, thin a maximum of 20% with water For brush work, thin a maximum of 10% with water.

  3. Method of Application

    Apply by spray, brush or roller methods.

    1. Brush - Soft bristle, solvent resistant brush should be used. Flow on the surface using minimal strokes.

    2. Roller - Soft napped roller. Keep well loaded with paint, and overlap strokes for maximum coverage.

    3. Spray with any conventional system, do not allow paint to build up as surface runs and sags may result.

  4. Drying Time

    1. Dry to handle in 20 minutes.

    2. Dry for top coats in 3 to 4 hours for water based top coat paints.

    3. Dry for top coats in 30 to 40 hours for extremely strong solvents, Methyl Ethyl Ketone or Alcohol) .

    4. Allow 48 hours cure for Vinyl Epoxies, Chlorinated Rubber Or Polyurethane coatings.

  5. Coverage

Mainlube 500 provides a coverage of 600-650 square feet per gallon (55-60 sq.m. Per 4.5 litre). Allow for 20% loss factor for job sites variables and over-spray.


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