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SB Cleaner Degreaser Mainlube

440 SB Cleaner Degreaser


Evaporating Cleaner Degreaser. Non Flammable, Non residual Cleaner/Degreaser. Suitable as final cleaning for bearing repacking, welding, gluing and cleaning before the application of and removing polymer lubricants. Available in 500 ml Net Aerosol.


Mainlube 440 is suitable for use on:

Cleaning electric motors. Cleaning generators and starters.

Switches and relays. Brakes and brake linings.

Dye vats and plastic moulds. Automatic pin setters.

Traffic and fire alarm signals. Parking meters.

Automotive ignition systems. Typewriters and office machines.

Precision tools. Teletype machines.

Radio and television equipment controls. Elevator motors and controls. Controls and motors in vending machines.

Cleaning type machines, plates, type, rollers and mats. Removing wax from food wrapping and packaging machinery

Wherever corrosion or residues from water based cleaners must be avoided.

Dissolves grease and carbon

Mainlube 440 works by dissolving grease and rosins binding dirt and grime to surfaces. Any dirt or soot which is not carried of by 440 remains as a dry particle which can be blown away with air pressure or wiped off with a rag.

Non conductive

Mainlube 440 is nonconductive, does not emit any toxic fumes and has no flash point.

440 Is safe under all normal conditions and may be used on electric motors.

Mainlube 440 has the following benefits

Cleans And Degrease Quickly Non Flammable Evaporates Completely Leaving No Residues Non Conductive Safe For Use On Electric Motors While Running Safe To The Skin

Controlled Evaporation Rate Safe On most Surfaces Easy To Use Without Available Air Pressure Non Corrosive Economical Because It Will Save Downtime And Extend Equipment Life

The Types Of Areas Where Mainlube 440 Has Proven To Be Useful Are:

Industrial plants. Newspaper or printing plants. Bakeries. Office buildings. Utilities. Dairies.

Food plants. Construction companies. School systems. Hotels and motels. Radio and TV stations. Bowling alleys. Aircraft industry. Office and machinery services.

Parking meter and fire alarm maintenance.

How to use:

Apply Mainlube 440 to the area by holding can upright 10 to 20 cm and spray. Allow 440 to remain on the surface as long as possible before the drying processes begins. Remove the 440 from the surface and if necessary apply a second coat to flush away stubborn deposits. Usually only one application will provide a grease and grime free clean surface. Care should be taken with plastic.

Available in 500 gram can.

To prevent clogging and shortening of can life, after application, invert can, spray and wipe nozzle clean.



If this product should fail due to a defect of manufacture, it will be replaced free of charge upon request.


Contents under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate container. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store in direct sunlight or where temperature is above 50°C (120°F). Use adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged breathing of vapour. Intentional misuse by deliberately concentrating and inhaling contents can be harmful or fatal.

UN 1950 Class 2.2