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Multi Application Heavy Duty Grease (wos) Mainlube



Multi Application Heavy Duty Grease. New technology calcium sulfonate grease with excellent water and corrosion resistance. Protected by passive E.P. solids, contains no metals or chemical E.P. 65lb Timken OK Load. Non Toxic USDA "H2" Rating. Operating Temperature Range - 25°C to 300°C.

Meets and exceeds NLGI GC-LB (GC-Wheel Bearing) (LB-Chassis) NLGI #2 NLGI #00. Available as Bulk, Cartridge & Aerosol.


Calcium Sulfonate Thickener

Mainlube 340 represents a new generation of grease technology comprising of an inorganic-organic calcium sulfonate complex thickener system. Lab and field testing has shown that 340’s thickener system provides outstanding performance characteristics lubricating and safeguarding equipment. 340 Will protect in conditions of high temperatures, humid wet areas where corrosion, extreme pressure (E.P.) and anti wear characteristics are required. 340 Is designed for use where other premium greases are failing to meet the requirements of modern equipment. Mainlube 340 is a high performance long life grease designed to extend machinery component life preventing downtime.

Non Toxic Heavy Metal Free, Passive E.P. Boundary Lubrication

Mainlube 340’s anti wear package contains no heavy metals or chemical E.P. Proprietary Solids from the carbon family sized between

0.1 and 0.5 of a micron provide 340’s boundary lubrication.

Under heavy loads 340’s Proprietary Solids form a rolling wedge between moving surfaces preventing metal to metal welding.

340’s Proprietary Solids also smooth out minor imperfections in bushes and bearings, lowering the operating temperature and preventing further damage.

Other high quality greases use metal to metal to generate the of 90° to 130°C necessary to activate the chemical E.P. used in boundary lubrication protection. This friction induced reaction results in chemical corrosion that can exaggerate running wear.

340’s E.P. solids offer the advantage of giving a continuos E.P. action irrespective of temperature and long before boundary lubrication conditions occur. 340’s Synthetic soap combined with high viscosity paraffinic base oils supply exceptional shear stability providing excellent anti wear and E.P performance. This extends bearing and seal life and reduces grease consumption.

Oxidation Resistant

The absence of heavy metals in Mainlube 340 eliminates the oxidation catalyst allowing excellent performance in high temperature 24 Hrs Per Day applications. Normal chemical E.P. additives can promote oxidation when exposed to these conditions shortening grease and bearing life.

Excellent High Temperature Stability

340 resists burning and performs well at high temperatures, 340 is stable to 300° C. At these elevated temperatures frequency of greasing would be increased to counteract base oil evaporation and thickener cooking.

Excellent Water and Corrosion resistance

Mainlube 340 is non-corrosive and displays excellent corrosion inhibiting properties when run in fresh and salt-water applications.

When tested in tough salt fog environments Mainlube 340 significantly out performs other premium lithium and aluminium complex greases without the addition of any rust inhibitor.

340’s Natural overbased sulfonate chemical system gives a built in corrosion protector. In the Salt Fog Corrosion Test, grease is applied at 1.5 mls thickness to salt fog test panels. Under test the results show normal greases failing at 48 Hrs where as Mainlube 340 was still protecting at 1000 Hrs.

When mixed with 20% water and worked for 100,000 strokes in the grease worker, Mainlube 340 showed no change to its NLGI #2 consistency, (ASTM Test D-217). Mainlube 340’s Timken OK Load test value of 65lb was also retained giving excellent E.P protection in wet applications.

Long Life and Wear Protection.

High-speed ball bearing service tests at elevated temperatures of 160°C showed 340 provided long bearing lives of approximately 800 hours or more. In this environment bearing life-using soap type greases seldom exceeded 500 hours. Mainlube 340’s higher weld point value exceeds that of aluminium and lithium complex type greases. This allows 340 to provide outstanding hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication giving up to 70% more protection than other premium greases.

The Laboratory Statistics of Mainlube 340 are very Impressive.

You will be more impressed by 340's performance in the real world.

Mainlube 340 Saves Money Because it,

Is Environmentally Friendly. Has Low Toxicity. Reduces consumption, Less product used. Reduces Maintenance.

Improves Bearing Life. Reduces Price/Performance Ratio.

Reduces Stock and Handling. Will replace 5-6 normal Greases. Mainlube 340 is a Multi Application Grease & Offers Exceptional Performance in;

-All Automotive Fleet Universal Joints -Ball Joints

-Chassis Applications -Wheel Bearings -Axles-Conveyers

-Pumps-Filters -Forging Presses -Ball Mills

-Fifth Wheels -Crusher Bearings -Construction Equipment

-Agricultural Equipment -Marine Equipment -Off Shore Equipment

-Off Road Equipment -Mining -Metal Working Industry