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SB Multi Application High Temp Grease (wos) Mainlube



Synthetic Multi Application Heavy Duty Grease. New generation Polyurea thickened grease, protected by passive E.P. solids contains no metals or chemical E.P, water resistant. 65lb Timken OK Load. Operating Temperature Range - 20°C to 300°C. Meets and exceeds NLGI GC-LB spec (GC-Wheel Bearing) (LB-Chassis). NLGI # 2 & 00. Available as Bulk, Cartridge & Aerosol.


Synthetic Thickener

Mainlube 335’s thermally stable base oils are compounded with an ashless organic thickener (Polyurea) then coupled with a continually effective passive E.P. system. Mainlube 335 long life grease is designed to provide outstanding resistance to oxidation at high operating temperatures with extended relubricating intervals.

335’s Is designed for use where other premium greases are failing to meet the performance requirements of modern equipment.

Environmentally Friendly, No Chlorine Compounds or Heavy Metals

Mainlube 335’s anti wear package contains no heavy metals or chemical E.P. "Proprietary Solids” keep the metal apart providing boundary lubrication. These "Proprietary Solids” are designed to smooth out minor imperfections in bushes and bearings, lowering the operating temperature and controlling further damage. Ordinary grease’s chemical E.P. is heat activated, the running surfaces have to actually touch, rubbing to obtain the 90°C to 130°C temperature to activate the chemical E.P. In well designed machinery this pressure induced chemical reaction results in chemical wear that often exceeds actual running wear. 335’s E.P. solids offer the advantage of giving a continuos E.P. action irrespective of temperature obtained and long before boundary lubrication conditions occur.

Oxidation Resistant

The absence of heavy metals in Mainlube 335 eliminates any oxidation catalyst. The Polyurea thickener used in 335 is a natural oxidation retardant, this combination results in a grease that gives excellent performance in high temperature extended running (24 Hrs Per Day) applications. Normal chemical E.P. additives can promote corrosion and oxidation when exposed to these conditions shortening grease and bearing life.

Unmatched Shear Stability

Mainlube 335 offers high shear stability unmatched by any ordinary grease.

High Temperature Stability

Mainlube 335 offers a dropping point greater than 300 °C. 335 Is suitable for prolonged lubrication at elevated temperatures. 335 Is friendly to copper and its alloys at high temperatures.

Low Temperature Lubrication

Mainlube 335 continues to lubricate at temperatures as low as -17.5 °C (0 °F), maintaining it’s excellent lubrication characteristics even at this low temperature.

SB335-1 AJAB

Compatible With Seals

Mainlube 335 is compatible with bearing seal materials (Neoprene, Nytrel, Viton etc).

Wide Range of Applications

Mainlube 335 applications are limitless. From industrial plain and anti-friction bearings to slides and guides. Anywhere where a grease is required. Mainlube 335 virtually covers the entire spectrum of lubrication applications in industrial and automotive fields and in any environment.

Excellent Long Life

Mainlube 335 performed 3,000 hours in long life bearing test (ASTM D-3336) where performing 1,000 hours is considered good performance.

Operational Temperature Range -20 °C to 300 °C. Available NLGI#2 & Aerosol. Meets and exceeds NLGI GC-LB (GC-Wheel Bearing) (LB-Chassis) Specifications.




SB335-2 AJAB