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SB Fuel Additive Mainlube



Universal Fuel Additive. Provides overhead lubrication for cylinders, pistons and valves, removes carbon from injectors and combustion area. Metal deactivators and anti-corrosion additives safeguard fuel systems. Broad spectrum biocide prevents and dissipates all biological growths. Multi fuel application, can be used in diesel, LPG, CNG petrol, (leaded and unleaded) fuels of any octane rating. Application ratios:

Petrol Hot Shot 200:1 or 250ml per 50 litres. Petrol Normal 1000:1 or 50ml per 50 litres. Diesel Hot Shot: 500:1 or 100ml per 50 litres.

Diesel Normal 1500-2000:1 or 33-25ml per 50 litres.


Ashless Detergent

When added to fuels, Mainlube 255’s ashless detergents, additives and inhibitors resist gumming and residue formation, this prevents clogging of injectors, buildup on inlet valves, exhaust valves and filters.

Upper Cylinder Lubrication

Mainlube 255 lubricates the upper cylinder, valves, valve guides, oil rings etc. 255's Special lubricant enables it to combine with the fuel before combustion and lubricate the upper engine parts. This reduces the accumulation of deposits on intake valves and maintains emission control system efficiency.

Catalytic Converter Friendly

Mainlube 255 will not "Poison" the catalytic converters in unleaded motors. The non-phosphorous additives in Mainlube 255 are specially selected to increase lubrication and eliminate damage to the emission control systems on modern engines.

Metal Deactivators and Corrosion Inhibitors

Mainlube 255’s metal deactivators protect copper in the fuel system and deactivate traces of copper from the refining process, if unchecked copper traces act as a catalyst for formation of gums and deposits. 255’s Corrosion inhibitors impregnate the metal surfaces protecting the fuel system against corrosion extending filter, pump and injector life..

Performance Improvers

In petrol and diesel engines Mainlube 255 prevents injector and carburettor clogging ensuring maximum fuel economy and horse power from the engine. 255 Reduces down time by preventing adverse fuel build up in engine oils ( Fuel Dilution ) extending engine life.

Biocide Enhanced

When temperatures are warm and moisture in the form of free water or humidity exists in fuel, normal dust can introduce spores to the fuel system. These spores can either live in the water and feed on the fuel at the water fuel interface or in high humidity can live in the fuel itself. The residue from these "fuel bug" colonies can block filters, damage injectors and pumps stopping the machinery causing downtime.

Biocide Enhanced

Mainlube 255 uses a dual range biocide, 1 part for disinfection of the water trap areas in fuel tanks and another part that stays suspended in the fuel preventing any fuel based infections.

Whether fuel tanks are bulk storage or vehicle, the addition of Mainlube 255 to your fuel system will prevent and dissipate all biological growths ( fuel bug ).

Mainlube 255, Universal Fuel Additive.


Instructions for Use in Diesel:

1st Treatment: 500 parts of diesel to 1 part of 255

(50 litres of diesel to 100 ml of 255)

2nd and on going treatments: 1500 - 2000 to 1

(50 litres of diesel to 25ml - 33ml of 255)

In Petrol - Leaded or Unleaded:

1st Treatment: 200 parts of fuel to 1 part of 255

(50 litres of petrol to 250 ml of 255)

2nd and on going treatments: 800 - 1000 to 1

(50 litres of petrol to 50 - 60 ml of 255)