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SB Engine Oil Additive Mainlube

Universal Engine Oil Additive. Designed for use in all four stroke engines, compressors and oil lubricated equipment. Compatible with all types of fuels eg; diesel, petrol, LPG, CNG. Cleans and prevents corrosion, reduces oil consumption. Extends the life and enhances performance of ordinary engine lubricants.

Application Ratio: 70 ml per litre ( 7%) for normal use. Application Ratio: 100 ml per litre (10%) for modified equipment.


New High Viscosity Index (H.V.I.) Synthetic Polymers




Viscosity Index synthetic polymers stabilise



over a


range of temperatures improving cold starts


preventing oil from thinning at elevated temperatures.

Reduced Friction

Mainlube 250 reduces the engine’s internal friction increasing its rev range and power while decreasing fuel consumption. 250's Additives bond to metal surfaces when the engine is not in use providing immediate lubrication at first start up, extending machinery life.

Detergentcy Modifiers

250 Uses non metallic ashless type detergents. These metal free detergents maintain cleanliness in the ring zone eliminating damage to pistons, valves, tappets, lifters and freeing sticking rings.


Specially selected dispersants keep metallic wear residues in suspension to be collected in the filter. 250's Dispersants dissolve accumulated combustion by-product residues which can bake on engine parts forming a varnish type coating.

Oxidation Inhibitors

Mainlube 250's advanced anti oxidants, inhibitors and metal deactivators neutralises harmful combustion by-products preventing corrosion and extending lubricant and engine life.

Suitable for Old and New Vehicle Fleets

Mainlube 250 prevents the formation of carbon and tars while lubricating in all areas. These abilities prevent ring sticking from occurring and free up rings in dirty motors. Mainlube 250 is a valuable tool in new or old vehicle fleets.

In new vehicle fleets, 250 will keep machinery in original condition. Through oil analysis, oil change intervals can be set at maximum distance with minimum down time.

In older vehicles, 250 cleans by gently dissolving gum, tar and varnish, restoring working capacity to engines clogged with combustion residues. This cleaning action in mechanically sound motors prevents engine wear and oil burning caused by improper maintenance.

SB250-1 ABAI

Important Note :

When using Mainlube 250 engine oil additive in dirty motors, Oil change interval may be shortened while engine is cleaning. Three methods to determine when oil should be changed are,

  1. Badly Discoloured Oil.

  2. Through Oil Analysis.

  3. Kilometres Travelled.

No.1. If after applying 250 the engine oil becomes black before distance or time, change oil and reapply 250 to avoid redepositing the dissolved sludge through out the motor.


Best results are achieved by flushing with Mainlube 245 flushing Oil to assist with cleaning the motor and remove all the old used oil.

Drain well, then renew filter and oil. Apply Mainlube 250 oil additive to the new oil. Reapply 250 with every oil change for maximum performance and anti-wear protection.

Application Ratio:

Normal Use; 7% by Volume (To increase film strength and reduce wear) 250 ml to 5 Litres

Modified equipment; 10% by Volume ( To increase film strength and reduce wear)

500 ml to 5 Litres

Reapply With Every Oil Change, Fitting A New Oil Filter.


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SB250-2 ABAI