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SB Flushing Oil Mainlube



Engine, gearbox and diff Flushing Oil. 245 will neutralise acids, dissolve gums and varnish, break down glycol residues and hold in suspension ready for immediate draining. Can be applied to engines, gearboxes, diffs and compressors. Apply to machine when hot and operate for 15-30 minutes then drain. Extreme Flushing” flush for 2 hours, leaving to soak overnight, flushing a further 1 hour next day. Available in SAE 20. Application Ratio: 100%.


Additive Break Down

When modern lubricant’s additive packages "overload", the detergents and dispersants lose their ability to keep sludges in suspension. This allows gums to build up adhering to working parts baking to a varnish with operational heat. Additives break down as their service lives are exceeded and they no longer provide sufficient protection.

Acids Formed

Corrosion inhibitors are progressively weakened until acidic residues begin to attack machinery components. Anti-wear agents breakdown allowing particles to throw off accelerating the build up of sludge.

When Oil is Added and Not Changed.

As oil additives reach the end of their operating life, damaging impurities coat the interior, especially with engines. When top up oil is added to an engine during a service interval, the impurities in the old oil and sludges coating the engine parts contaminate the new oil consuming most of its protection from the beginning of its service life.

Normal Oil Change

Changing oil removes suspended impurities however, the coating left on machine surfaces in severe cases can gum moving parts. When Mainlube 245 is used prior to a new oil change, it dissolves these impurities and flushes them away with the flushing oil.

245 Softens and Dissolves Gum and Sludge.

Mainlube 245 will destroy the metallic adhesion of gum and varnish deposit’s to internal components. 245 will soften and suspend these deposit’s in the oil for easy removal.


Acidic Combustion By-Products Neutralised

Acidic engine conditions are neutralised by flushing with 245. This prevents the new lubricant's total base number from being depleted before operating the vehicle. Glycol engine coolant, when mixed with engine lubricants will damage the lubricant making it acidic, 245 dissolves all glycol residues and holds them in suspension ready for draining with the used flushing oil.

SB245-1 ABAI

Engines and Gearboxes Clean and Ready for New Oil.

Mainlube 245 emulsifies all moisture and residues holding them in suspension. Running the gear box or idling the engine for 15 to 30 minutes at zero load and full operating temperature, activates 245’s high temperature metal deactivators and detergents cleaning by softening and dissolving deposits, suspending them ready for draining with the used oil.


1. Turn machine off after attaining normal operating temperature.

2 Drain old oil replacing the drain bung.

  1. Add Mainlube 245 Fulshing Oil to the engine (gearbox or diff) to correct level.

  2. Operate the machine for 15 to 20 minutes at full operating temperature increasing speed slightly for 5 seconds every 5 minutes to get the “dish washing effect”, then drain while hot. (“Extreme Flushing” can be performed by flushing for 2 hours, leaving to soak overnight, flushing a further 1 hour next day)

  3. Replace oil bung, change filter and add fresh new oil.

  4. Dispose of old oil by returning to local re-cycling depot for re-cycling, do not discard indiscriminately or pour into sewage systems.

  5. Repeat application every oil change to ensure maximum engine protection.


When using Mainlube 245 do not operate the machine under load.

Only operate to circulate Mainlube 245 for cleaning purposes.

Mainlube 245 will break down

and suspend debris and residues ready for draining.




SB245-2 ABAI