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SB Soluble Cutting Lubricant Mainlube

235 SB Soluble Cutting Lubricant


Biostable Soluble Cutting Lubricant Additive. 235 Provides excellent lubricity permitting faster machining, tool life extensions and nil biological growths. Non hazardous and compatible with all metals. Prevents corrosion on equipment, tools and finished work. Application Ratio: 100ml per litre down to 50 ml per litre.


Superior Cooling of Tools and Work Piece

Mainlube 235 rapidly conducts and dissipates heat generated from friction between the work piece and the tool. 235 By preventing heat build up in the shear zone allows excellent tool life extensions of 100% or more.

Enhanced Lubricity

Mainlube 235 flows into the shear zone reducing friction between cutting tool and work piece preventing metal to metal welding between tool and work.

Rust and Corrosion Inhibited

Mainlube’s 235 rust and corrosion inhibitor prevents formation of rust on tools, equipment and finished work.

Excellent Biological Stability.

Mainlube 235 will not promote the growth of bacteria, fungus or other micro-organisms.

235 will not turn rancid in service, 235 is foam inhibited and displays excellent filterability reducing fluid consumption.

Chemically Safe

235 Contains no sulphur, chlorine, nitrates, phenols, chlorinated paraffins or lead compounds. It is non hazardous, non flaming and will not generate fumes or odours in normal use.

Low Toxicity

Mainlube 235 has been formulated using non-hazardous, environmentally friendly ingredients and contains no objectionable chemicals.

Multi Metal Application.

Mainlube 235 has multi metal capability and can be used on all types of metals. Mainlube 235 will give superior performance when used for: milling, turning, drilling, cold sawing, reaming, tapping, screwing and grinding.

Water Soluble

Mainlube 235 is completely water soluble at all mixing ratios. Recommended working ratios are;

1 part 235 to 10 parts water to Heavy Machining, Steel etc.

1 part 235 to 100 parts water ( cutting aluminium on high speed saws).


Use the following ratios as a guide when applying Mainlube 235.

Free Cutting Brasses and Aluminium

Mild Steel

Alloy Steel


1 : 40

1 : 35

1 : 30

Power Sawing

1 : 25

1 : 20

1 : 15

Reaming Tapping Screwing

1 : 20

1 : 15

1 : 12

Milling Turning Drilling

1 : 20

1 : 15

1 : 12

Trial and error will enable higher dilution rates and better cost efficiency, use the above table as a guide.