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Synthetic Racing Engine Oil (wos) Mainlube


` 175


Engine Oil – Synthetic Racing Oil.

Specialised synthetic high performance Oil for four stroke petrol racing engines of cars and motor bikes where the operator furequires maximum protection and durability. Excellent fuel economy in city and highway non race applications Meets and exceeds API Service Classification SL, SJ, SH / CF, CD, EC. ACEA; A3-98/B3-98 Available SAE 5W30, 10w60, 15W50 20W50. CHARACTERISTICS:

Peak Performance

Even small increases in the ability to obtain maximum RPM in race situations are a bonus, especially in fixed class racing where this often means the difference between winning or losing. Mainlube 175's permanent shear stable viscosity improvers (VI) furnish a lower apparent viscosity, lowering internal engine friction. The VI improvers allow a minimal amount of temporary shear, reducing fluid drag in cooler heavily loaded bearings. As there is no permanent shearing, these additives maintain lubricant film strength in the critical high temperature ring belt areas. This all assists with reducing friction maintaining maximum engine revability.

Maximum Power

Mainlube 175 uses new additive technology eliminating the formation of oil deposits in the combustion zone. As race engines are engineered and designed to maximise power output, any deposit formation in the combustion zone causes power loss due to power wasting detonation.

Non Foaming Formulation

In race engines the rapid circulation of lubricating oils combined with high revs can cause lubricant foaming which lowers the lubricant density due to the entrapment of air reducing the lubrication film. If foaming is not prevented in racing engines metal to metal contact will occur and this will lead to expensive engine damage. Mainlube 175's additive package incorporates state of the art anti-foam agents eliminating foam development giving full lubrication under heavy race conditions.

Wear and Stress Failure Resistance

Racing conditions impose extreme loads on all moving engine parts. Mainlube 175's sophisticated E.P. anti-wear additives will give excellent protection against engine damaging, scoring, scuffing and seizure.

Mainlube 175 is a Super Plus Racing Oil.

The extreme temperatures and high pressures experinced in motor racing engines will not thin 175 beyond the stated specs’. Mainlube 175 can provide extended long drain intervals even under racing conditions. Mainlube 175 can be used with most fuels, alcohol, high octane, low octane, unleaded fuels, carbureted or fuel injected. Super Plus Racing Oils offer exceptional performance in the following areas:

Superior high temperature stability

Easier cold starting

Lower oil consumption

Much improved engine cleanliness

SB175-1 AHAH



Mainlube 175 exceeds all racing engine requirements for all four-stroke motors, petrol, normally aspirated, fuel injected, supercharged or turbocharged engines including;

API: SM, SL, SJ/ CF, CD, EC ACEA: A3-98/B3-98

MB 229.1

VW 500/502/505 (SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40 & SAE 10W40) VW 501/502/505 (SAE 10W60, SAE 15W50 & SAE 20W50) Porsche (SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40)

BMW (SAE 5W30, SAE 5W40)


ACN 001-748-876 SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Ph =61 2 9700-0880


SB175-2 AHAH