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SB Two Stroke Engine Oil Racing (wos) Mainlube

Heavy Duty Full Synthetic Low Ash Two-Stroke Racing Oil. Mainlube 131 is formulated with specially developed diester basestocks for superior lubricity and performance. Suitable for use in air cooled, water cooled, pre mix and direct oil injection two stroke engines. Mix Ratio: 20:1 or 500ml per 10 litres.


Corrosion Protection

Mainlube 131's specialised ash free corrosion inhibiting additives make it ideal for race applications where water and corrosion could be a problem.

Nil Carbon Build up And Plug Fouling

Ashless detergents used in 131 minimises plug fouling, engine misfiring, carbon buildup, gum buildup, varnish build-up, ring sticking, seizures, scoring and exhaust port blackening. Mainlube 131 maintains engine cleanness providing a reliable high-revving temperature stable engine.

Special "Easy Mix" Formula

Mainlube 131 is "self mixing" and completely soluble in fuels.

131 Will not separate upon standing ensuring the correct air, oil, fuel mixtures reach the engine providing reliability and performance.

Designed For Racing Applications

MAINLUBE 131 is particularly recommended for use in the most highly rated water or air-cooled two stroke engines, such as those used for road and racing motor cycles, go-karting, snowmobiles and chainsaws. It meets and exceeds the following performance levels:

Enhanced Engine Protection Minimising Wear

Mainlube 131’s full synthetic low ash diester basestocks friction reducing qualities are further enhanced by the addition of clean burning ash free detergents, dispersants and wear reducers. This combination of technology prevents preignition by keeping the combustion chamber clean minimising fuel wastage and engine damage

Performance Tests and Applications:

Mainlube 131 provides excellent performance in the Rotax Snowmobile engine test which utilises the Rotax 253cc snowmobile engine and runs for a total of five hours with one hour at 60% torque and four hours at maximum torque to simulate demanding springtime driving with a fully loaded sled.

Mainlube 131 performs extremely well in Go-Kart Racing. It allows an increase in fuel/oil ratio and maintains engines very clean and can be reused.

Mainlube 131 offers outstanding performance in the Husqvarna 242 chainsaw test. Mainlube 131 passed the following API TC tests:

Sequence 11Y350 Test Sequence III Lubricity Test Sequence 111/ Preignition Test

Mainlube 131 exceeds the requirements of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) for use in Thailand.

Performance Tests and Applications:

Mainlube 131 provides excellent results in the new Piaggio Hexagon Detergency Test which utilises the Piaggio Hexagon l5Occ liquid-cooled motor scooter engine and runs for 20 hours at high speed and maximum load with high coolant outlet temperature to simulate extreme field service.

Mainlube 131 meets and exceeds thew following performance levels.



TISI requirements for Detergency and Lubricity HUSQVARNA 242 Chainsaw Test

ROTAX Snowmobile Engine Test

CEO PIAGGIO Hexagon Detergency Test

Mix Ratio: Use 20 Parts Petrol to 1 Part of Mainlube 131 as a starting point, remember with 2 Stroke Racing the final mix air fuel ratio should be adjusted to suit the condidtions to ensure maximum protection and performamnce, consult Mainlube for assistance if required.

20:1 or 500 ml per 10 Litres