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SB Two Stroke Engine Oil Heavy Duty (wos) Mainlube

Two-Stroke Engine-Heavy Duty. Low Smoke, Semi-Synthetic. Specially designed to extend engine life while maximising performance. Suitable for use in air cooled, water cooled, pre mix and direct oil injection two stroke engines.

Mix Ratio: 50:1 or 200ml per 10 litres.


Corrosion Protection

Mainlube 130's specialised ash free corrosion inhibiting additives make it ideal for marine outboard applications where salt water corrosion is a problem.

Minimal Carbon Build Up and Plug Fouling

Ashless detergents used in 130 minimises plug fouling, engine misfiring, carbon buildup, gum buildup, varnish build-up, ring sticking, seizures, scoring and exhaust port blackening. Mainlube 130 maintains engine cleanness providing a reliable high-revving temperature stable engine.

Special "Easy Mix" Formula

Mainlube 130 is "self mixing" and completely soluble in fuels.

130 Will not separate upon standing ensuring the correct air, oil, fuel mixtures reach the engine providing reliability and performance.

Designed For Injector Oil Systems and Premix

When applying to modern engine oil injection systems correct oil viscosity is critical to ensure top engine performance and long life. Incorrect viscosity could result in serious engine damage. Mainlube 130’s viscosity ensures correct lubrication at high or low engine loads, and whether it is applied direct to the engine’s oil injection unit or used as a premix lube.

Enhanced Engine Protection Minimising Wear

The combination of low friction, synthetic hydrocarbons and paraffinic base oil components in 130 are further enhanced by the addition of clean burning ash free detergents, dispersants and wear reducers. This combination of technology prevents ring sticking and exhaust port blocking keeping the combustion chamber clean minimising fuel wastage and engine damaging pre-ignition.


Mainlube 130 ashless quality combined with selected base-oils is highly suitable for all types of Two-Stroke motors ; ie. Outboard Motors, Power Saws, Lawn Mowers, Go -Karts and Cycles .

Mainlube 130 is approved for use in Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Marina, Chrysler, Volvo Penta and other outboard motors running 50:1 mixture ratio.

Mainlube 130 Meets and exceeds Specs for the U.S. Boating Industry Association(B.I.A.) and for service Classification TC-W and TC-2, ISO-L-EGC and JASO FC.

Caution: 130 Not recommended for applications exceeding 12,000 rpm.(Use 131 Racing.) Mix Ratio: 50 Parts Petrol to 1 Part of Mainlube 130, 50:1 or 200 ml per 10 Litres




SB130-2 BCAC