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In 2013 Mainlube called on the boys at Bub's Customs in Gosford whom were quite well known for servicing and modifying Harley Davidson motorcycles.

After showing Danny & Scott the Mainlube Racing Products, the Bub's Customs boys decided to give the Mainlube Race Oil products a try in a Harley Davidson to see if there were benefits for the Harley Davidson motorcycles.

They tried Mainlube 175 Synthetic Race Oil in an engine, Mainlube 152 Light Synthetic Gear Oil in the transfer/ clutch (clutch works fine with this oil, no slippage at all) and the Mainlube 151 Synthetic E P Gear Oil SAE 75w140 in the transmission. Bubs Customs found the benefits were noticeable enough to offer the Mainlube products to their customers. Over the next 12 months they had regular monthly orders, purchasing and applying Mainlube to their customer’s bikes.

Having their own motorcycle dynamiter (being able to simulate road conditions in the workshop) they told us they experienced temperature drops of up to 30C (in some engines) after changing to Mainlube Lubricants.

Scott and Danny were experiencing quite extensive positive feedback from Bub's Customs customers, on Bub's Facebook page.

Unfortunately the boys at Bub's made an error of judgment in business which ended their trading, Mainlube was sad to see them go.

Since then we has been supplying Mainlube Lubricants directly to Harley Davidson's motorcycle owners as a follow on from the experience customer were now used to while using the Mainlube products.

Mainlube has decided to put this web page up to inform others and to continue the expansion of Mainlube into this area to give more Harley Davidson riders the same benefits already experienced from applying Mainlube to Harley Davidson motorcycles. We have been told it is a truly amazing experience.


The products Used by Bubs Customer were . . .


Engine - Mainlube 175 Synthetic Race Oil SAE 10w60

Transfer - Mainlube 152 Synthetic E P gear Oil SAE 75w80

Gearbox - Mainlube 151 Synthetic E P gear Oil SAE 75w140

Fuel - Mainlube 255 Fuel Additive. (to keep the fuel system clean)?

If you think 10w60 is a big viscosity, look at it this way, if the Harley Davidson engine were a V12 or V8 and not a V2, we would have quite a big engine, therefore it needs a big viscosity race synthetic oil to protect it, don’t underestimate the Harley engine just because it’s a 2 cylinder engine, it’s still a big piston, big end and crank.

If you change your Harley completely over to Mainlube and were/are not satisfied, you could return Mainlube for a full refund.

That's how confident Mainlube is when applying our race Group IV full synthetic oils to your Harley Davidson.

Mainlube also has specialised grease for those who wish to use better grease in any areas where needed.

Mainlube 340 Multipurpose heavy duty grease NLGI2 is our grease of choice for the Harley Davidson. This corrosion control specialised grease is needed as Harleys ride in the rain as well.

Mainlube race group of lubricants (Group IV Full Synthetic) can make your Harley Davidson run smoother, quieter, and cooler than your current lubricant, while reducing wear.

Mainlube will not be the cheapest lubricants for your Harley Davidson's but they will be the best. Of course, most things you buy for your Harley aren’t the cheapest, but possibly the best.

We also use Rear Earth Magnet bungs for your Harley Davidson gear box to remove circulating metal to reduce any damage from enthusiastic gear changes.

This type of box literally has to make metal when changing to the next gear, a superior oil can only do so much to reduce this type of gear selecting wear, if a Rare Earth Magnet bung is fitted, then any metal made through fast gear changes can be removed from the oil flow, the reduction of any metal circulating, extensity reduces wear as well.

We dare you to try Mainlube in your Harley?

The boys at Bub's Customs liked it, and with a money back guarantee what have you got to lose?